Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

They Scooted To Bruges

I went to Belgium last weekend in the fine company of the Donkei Skök Scooter Club (don't ask).

As this was a Modern Vespa outing I was planning to take the ET4, but the week before the trip it shredded its belt spectacularly on the slip road up to the A20 from Orpington. So I brought the GP800 and endured a lot of stick for having such an enormous bike while being so small of stature (somebody referred to me as a 'dainty young lady', which is far from the truth on every count).

I met three forum comrades in Greenwich for a drizzly ride down the A2, to join forces with the rest of the troops at the Dover to Dunkirk ferry. A pleasant crossing complete with fried breakfast and we were ready for action.

Having the biggest baddest bike turned out to be a lot of fun: I went Tail End Charlie and cruised along in the rear keeping an eye on everyone. On the Saturday two Belgian members of the forum took us on a tour which included the Menin Gate, Tyne Cot and the 'Trench of Death' at Diksmuide; on Sunday we visited a chocolate factory and picturesque Bruges, to cheer ourselves up.

We stayed overnight at the Bikers' Loft. Having heard tell of this establishment, I was anticipating a nightmare night of slamming doors, revving engines and loud, drunken bikers. In fact I slept cosily in a motel-style twin room, with my bike camped safely in the central indoor courtyard. The tropical-island shower block was nifty too. (We did have one loud, drunken biker in our party, mind, and I doubt trust he is suitably ashamed of himself.)

It would be pointless and boring trying to explain the many incidents and in-jokes of the weekend to anyone who wasn't there; suffice to say I have never in my life laughed so much on a cross-Channel ferry.

As for my poorly ET4, one of the forumites dropped by on Tuesday night to fix it for me. Bikers rock.

Tags: hols, scooters

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