Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Valentine's Day

Saturday was callmemadam's birthday, which she got to celebrate by making up the spare bed and cooking for me. I did wash up, though. Once.

Here, as I have resolved this year to keep a record of things I cross-stitch, is her present: a cat doorstop.

This was a kit ('Purr-fect', by Bucilla, via eBay) which came complete with pre-cut, cat-shaped bits of plastic canvas. You're supposed to sew it around a brick, but I think British bricks must be bigger than American ones.

It was such a beautiful afternoon that we went to the beach: Sandbanks, near Poole, the beach of my childhood. We weren't the only ones to have had that thought, and the sands were swarming with couples and children and dogs. When we'd had enough I took my shoes and socks off and ran down the beach and into the sea and quickly out again, which you can do when you have the luxury of a heated car to jump in afterwards.

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