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Fat Boy Down

I'm at my mum's this weekend, for her birthday. On Saturday night I got the phone call I'd been dreading from calgor, my flatmate, to say that my last remaining gerbil, Sheltie, had gone.

It's not fair - he made it through two nights, and I was starting to hope he might turn round, then he lost the battle. He so deserved to win - he was a little fighter. Farewell, Fatbum; I will miss the way the little white tip of your tail bobbed around, and the way you closed your eyes to sniff a treat when it was presented to you.

I feel as dreadful about leaving calgor to deal with the situation - just what happened when it was Pin's turn to go - as I do about the death. While the gerbils have been household pets and loved by both the humans they lived with, ultimately they're my responsibility.

I hope I gave the little chap a decent life since acquiring him from the Medway RSPCA eighteen months ago. All he seemed to require was a cosy place to curl up and a constant supply of snacks and shreddable objects, plus the occasional bite at a finger just to keep in practice, and these I could deliver.

It will be strange going back to a home bereft of little gnawing and scrabbling noises. I need to have a think about whether I should have any more pets at the moment; if I really have enough time to devote to them, and if they bring me more joy than they do hassle and heartbreak. Will it be gerbils again if I do? I have rather lost my heart to degu recently, but then I have all the equipment for gerbils and know how to look after them.

But I have all the time in the world to think about that. Meanwhile, here's Sheltie doing his Sheltie thing.

Thanks for all the kind comments - you are a caring bunch of friends, and I'm lucky to have you all.
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