Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Slip Slidin' Away

Things are back to normal on London's roads, by which I mean everyone is driving selfishly and far too fast, but out in the sticks my street is still coated with snowslushice and I have been pushing my little Vespa down to the main road like a cowardy custard.

This morning things were worse than before thanks to rain overnight freezing on the surface, and I was pushing and sliding for nearly a quarter of an hour. I got within ten metres of the blessed black tarmac and then I got stuck, my route across the virgin crunchy stuff blocked by a parked car and the carriageway slippery as a skating rink.

In the end a kind lady in sensible boots (NB I was wearing perfectly sensible boots for riding a motorcycle; for walking on ice, not so much) gave me a push.

It wasn't until this morning that I wondered why, exactly, I had been carefully pushing my scooter back outside our flat every night in order to push it carefully out to the road again in the early hours.

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