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And the moon in the meadow took darling Lorraine

So. Solaris. It's sci-fi, bravely unfashionable in a world where only elves are in demand. Starts brilliantly, with a mystery, a deserted space station and a trail of blood, then goes whinging and maundering off trying to be serious, for God's sake.

I appreciate that spending an HOUR, on and off, flashbacking the course of a couple's relationship allows us to get an idea of the characters' lives and empathise with them. And it might even have worked if the flashback scenes hadn't been hammy, cliché and pretty damn tedious.

addedentry lapped it up. As we walked out of the cinema arguing the point, I challenged him to name one incident from our joint lives that would be appropriate for a poignant, significance-ridden movie scene. He suggested walking out of a cinema arguing.

To be fair the soundtrack rocks and the Mystery is, though a premise we've seen before, quite cool and well built up and I won't spoil it here. But I couldn't help thinking that The X Files would have got the whole plot wrapped up neatly in 45 minutes. With jokes.

Incidentally you'd think Alien would have taught spaceship designers to make corridor floors solid, rather than metal grids that allow creepy fluid drippage. But some people never learn.

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