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Working From Home Today

Sunday, 12:20 Short sharp shower of snow, which turns to hail and peters out.

Sunday, 16:00 Clear blue skies. mykreeve arrives for afternoon tea.

Sunday, 20:15: Myk departs into howling snowstorm.

Sunday, 20:50: Myk rings from Bromley South to say trains aren't stopping at his station; backtracks and ensconces self on futon.

Monday, 05:00 calgor departs for early shift at work; turns back when his car decides it doesn't like the slippery slidey stuff.

Monday, 07:30 Wake up to loads of snow. Abandon any lingering thoughts of going to work. Yay! Construct awesome snow Dalek with Myk and Calgor, arming it with an egg whisk and a potato masher.

Monday, 10:30 Myk sets off for home in Tulse Hill, on foot, Twittering his progress. I settle down to work from home/read everyone's snowy LJ posts.

Monday, 17:43 Have braved Sainsbury's and made a snow cat, because every windowsill needs a cat. Still snowing...

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