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The Balloon Buster

The trouble with modern biographies is that far too few of them have taglines like this:
The guts and glory story of Frank Luke, Jr, the mad flyer of Arizona, sky-rider, hell-raiser, brawler, fantastic super-ace of World War I.
I grab anything to do with First World War aviation that flutters across my path, so I was on The Balloon Buster like a shot when it turned up in the Cancer Research shop. I don't know a great deal about the American aces, but I am already intrigued by this titbit from the back cover blurb:
Like most great heroes, he was a man of awesome contradictions. He was a tremendous brawler and knew a hundred ways to kill a man with his bare hands, yet sometimes he liked to masquerade as a girl.
Sounds like this is going to be well worth the original cover price of 3s. 6d.
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