Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Bus Lane Bonanza

I have a full complement of wheels again, thanks to Mike of the kinkily-named Rubber Ranch who came out and performed a roadside tyrectomy on my crippled GP800 (sidewall puncture, so my nifty repair kit was useless).

Just as well, because I had a letter from the AA yesterday informing me that I had exceeded my maximum allowed call-outs for the year (a paltry 5), and in the interest of fairness to all members if I require their services again before renewal they will charge me £93.

This means I have to not break down between now and June, which with my record seems unlikely.

What with one thing and another, then, it's only in the last week that I've been taking full advantage of being able to ride in the bus lanes.

I have to hand it to Boris on this one. I would still, let's be clear, sooner saw my own head off than vote for him, but this is one election promise on which he has delivered (for an 18-month trial period, at least).

Of course, many bikers have been blithely using the bus lanes for years, but illegally. Now it's all above board there are several former bottlenecks on my commute which are now plain sailing.

You have to watch out for cars hurling themselves blindly in and out of side roads, buses inconsiderately stopping at bus stops and marooning you behind them, pedestrians not expecting anything smaller and faster than a bus (why haven't they all been weeded out by cyclists years ago?) and taxis doing what taxis do, but my quality of life has increased noticeably now I can undertake the jam between the Bricklayers Arms and the Elephant & Castle.
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