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Do You Promise To Read It?

One of the things callmemadam and I often moan about is the ridiculous overpricing of books in charity shops, so it made a refreshing change to visit the Greenwich & Bexley Cottage Hospice shop in Greenwich where all books - paperback, hardback, ancient, modern - are 50p each.

I bought Then We Came To The End, a recent novel I liked the sound of but not quite enough to buy it new, and a first edition (Gollancz, 1998) of Nick Hornby's About A Boy.

The customer after me was a tiny boy who had found a book entitled My Dad Can't Dance.

"Is that for you?" asked the shop assistant. Receiving a shy nod, she waved away his money. "I think we can let you have that. I like to see children reading. Do you promise to read it?"

That's how to ensure return visits and donations.

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