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Airships over Parliament

Yesterday after work I strolled along to Trafalgar Square for a free screening of silent movies 'The Fugitive Futurist' (1924) and 'High Treason' (1928), two visions of London in the distant future of the 1950s, with live piano accompaniment.

There were maybe three or four hundred people in the square, mostly huddled on the steps. My companions and I chose a vantage point on the edge of the left-hand fountain, which meant that when the rain got heavy I could put my umbrella up without worrying about spoiling anyone else's view.

'High Treason' is a fable in which the Peace League tries to prevent wicked, cigar-smoking profiteers from engineering a war between the European Federation and the Atlantic States. Astoundingly, it predicts the Channel Tunnel, tiltrotor aircraft and the carrying of small dogs around in bags - though, alas, we still lack tables that fold down from the wall ready-set and hot air driers for use after gratuitous shower scenes.

This evening from 6:30 there's more: London Loves, a selection of rarely-glimpsed short films showing life in the capital from before the First World War to the 1950s. Before last night's movie started, screencaps told us what a sampling of Londoners loved about the city: Carnaby Street, Chinatown, taxis and so on.

For me, sitting in Trafalgar Square in the rain watching a free film with my mates pretty much covers why I love London.

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