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Four Eyes

At the beginning of September I ordered a pair of glasses from Dolland & Aitchison and awaited their arrival eagerly, because I really really liked the frame I'd chosen and my old pair had got badly scratched and taken to slipping down my nose at every opportunity.

A month passed, during which I rang the optician's a couple of times to be told my glasses hadn't shown up yet. At last I got a very apologetic phone call: the factory had rung the optician three days after the order was placed to say that my chosen frame wouldn't work with my prescription and measurements, but the person who'd taken the message hadn't passed it on to anyone.

I was so piqued I went off and ordered some glasses on the internet.

They arrived yesterday. On the whole, I think I'd do this again. My colleague mattlazycat recommended ordering several pairs with plain glass lenses, then sending them back and re-ordering the best fit with prescription lenses, but I was too impatient this time round.

  • I couldn't get photoreactive lenses (the ones that darken in sunlight) in the thickness I need
  • I don't think the quality or finish of the lenses is as good as the high street

  • Quick delivery - arrived a week after ordering
  • £140 all in - I'm used to paying over £200 just for lenses

Last night I wasn't sure if I liked them or not - they're rather big on me and quite a bright red. In the cold light of day and teamed with a new shirt from Uniqlo, I'm very pleased indeed, though they're a bit of a squeeze under my helmet.

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