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Here we go again

I seem to do nothing but iron my Interview Shirt these days. Tomorrow I will be in an odd and awkward position (not for the first time, fnarr): interviewed by the people with whom I share an office for the job I've been doing for the past week and a half.

There are three other applicants. If I don't get this one, it really can only be because I have an unappealing personality.

Today I helpfully observed that all the links on the Scotland regional microsite were pointing to the local G drive rather than the WWW, which causes a slight problem for anyone outside our building. Not sure whether this improves my chances or not. (I did subsequently fix 'em.)

Speaking of interviews, Nyder points out that the BBC have posted their cult website interview quiz [see last Wednesday's action-packed instalment] for all the world to see and have a crack at.

Nice to know that one is a 'wonderful applicant', albeit only one of a 'whole bunch' thereof. I hope they're not planning to announce who's got the job that way too.

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