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National Poetry Day

Every year I plan to post something insightful for National Poetry Day, and every year I forget the date and it catches me unawares.

I have been somewhat immersed in the First World War lately, so here's a war poem. There's obviously a lot to choose from; I picked this one because I once recited it for a verse-speaking competition and because you'll be surprised when you see who it's by.


I know a Captain of Industry,
Who made big bombs for the R.F.C.,
And collared a lot of L. s. d. -
And he - thank God! - has the O.B.E.

I know a Lady of Pedigree,
Who asked some soldiers out to tea,
And said "Dear me!" and "Yes, I see" -
And she - thank God! - has the O.B.E.

I know a fellow of twenty-three,
Who got a job with a fat M.P. -
(Not caring much for the Infantry.)
And he - thank God! - has the O.B.E.

I had a friend; a friend, and he
Just held the line for you and me,
And kept the Germans from the sea,
And died - without the O.B.E.
Thank God!
He died without the O.B.E.
A. A. Milne
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