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Hung one more year on the line

That was a really nice birthday.

Sure, I had to go to work, but my colleagues wouldn't let me make the tea, my boss brought round the traditional Enormous Cake (which I had to slice into twenty) and a few of us went for a swift half afterwards. Then I came home to open my presents and phone people, pausing on the way to pick up the battered sausage and chips I had promised myself.

Anyone looking at my birthday cards would gather, correctly, that I like cats, dogs, scooters, aeroplanes and gin. Special mention to the decoupage wolf made by my crafty Auntie.

I don't think an hour passed yesterday in which I didn't receive a text or email or read an LJ post wishing me a happy birthday. Thank you all. Thank you for making me feel so thought of and cared about.
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