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Emergency in the Pyrenees

Another £1 gem from the Charing Cross Road bookshops. The shopkeeper laughed out loud when he saw the cover.

The author's name didn't ring a bell but I see from Google that she wrote Peking Picnic, which I have seen on callmemadam's shelves. So Ann Bridge must be a highly respectable writer of great literature...right?
"A tale of modern espionage with a sophisticated, international flavor." - WORCESTER TELEGRAM

JULIA PROBYN JAMIESON, delightful heroine of four other spy novels, goes to spend the latter months of her first pregnancy at her husband's family vacation home, high in the Pyrenees.

The tranquillity of this retreat is short-lived, what with agents and counteragents prowling round the mountains, and lovelorn suitors hanging around Julia's beautiful friend Luzia. But Julia's personal EMERGENCY IN THE PYRENEES is premature labor, and she is rushed to the clinic by a prime suspect of the local police and the Sûreté!

ANN BRIDGE, "one of the best of English spy novelists, puts her charming heroine, Julia Probyn, to a test of fire in the Pyrenees." - SUNDAY OREGONIAN
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