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Who's your Auntie?

I had an interview today for the post of Content Producer for the BBC's Cult website (that's cult as in Doctor Who, not as in strange religious practices). Obviously this is pretty much My Dream Job©.

I was warned beforehand that there would be a half-hour assessment before the interview. An assessment not of my HTML skillz nor my proofreading ability, but my knowledge of cult television. Cause, like, they couldn't get an idea of that by talking to me or anything.

The test was pretty tough, actually - well, for me. kowarth would've aced it, but I'd be surprised if I got half the questions right. I handicapped myself immediately by not watching Buffy or Farscape (I know, I know, calls herself a cult TV fan...) but I could name all the toys from Playschool. And I put down the rabbit's name too in the hope of bonus points ('Buffy', for the record).

I did know which captain of the Enterprise appeared in American Beauty, but this says more about my appreciation of Scott Bakula qua gorgeous chunk o' manflesh than any fondness for Star Trek in any shape or form.

It was the kind of test that niggles at your brain for days afterwards; just now I remembered who commanded the Jupiter 2 and gave myself a sound mental kicking.

I'll throw one open to the floor: Name 4 characters in cult TV named Troy, or whose name sounds like Troy. I got :
  • Troy Tempest
  • Troy McClure
  • Deanna Troi
, so who's the fourth or was it a trick?

The interview was rather rushed as they were behind; the first candidate had taxi trouble and was late (I got a bus and was 35 minutes early). I didn't feel as if they found out much about who I was or whether I'd be any cop at the job. Oh well, presumably they've taken a peek at - which, BTW, now boasts a fanfiction and fanart section.

This might be a good time to point all fanfic writers at this week's Onion Statshot.

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