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R.I.P, Little Dude

Chip, my little brown gerbil, died last night.

He had been getting steadily skinnier for a couple of weeks, and yesterday wouldn't even take treats from my hand. He was still alert and interested in what was going on, although he could hardly walk.

I took him out of the cage for a bit of petting. Shortly after I put him back he went into a fit and pegged out. It wasn't very pleasant to watch but it was quick, he can't have known much about it, and calgor and I were right by him (both in floods of tears).

I had Chip for three years and a month, in which he brought me endless joy and entertainment. In return, he never lacked food, warmth, toys and love. We don't owe each other anything.

Bye, little guy. Pin and calgor and I will miss you very much.
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