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Ladies of the Shadow

Last night I went to see Female Agents with my friend Tash. I knew it was about the French Resistance, but was otherwise so ill-informed I hadn't realised it was a French film and would be subtitled. (The original title is Les Femmes de l'Ombre, presumably rejected for the UK market because 'Ladies of the Shadow' would sound like a film about prostitutes.)

The eponymous agents, in a nutshell, cock up their mission and get out of it by shooting everything in sight. It's like watching a Bond movie in which 007 is played by five women.

Tash and I possibly spoiled it for serious filmgoers by giggling and whispering throughout. But this really is a silly, silly film, filled with every kind of cliché:
  • EVIL NAZIS! who smirk while lovely ladies are being tortured!
  • EVIL BRITS! who maintain stiff upper lip while sending lovely ladies on impossible missions!
  • EVIL COLLABORATORS! who live in luxury on black market profits and the possessions of deported Jews!
  • FRENCH FILMMAKERS! who seize upon every excuse to fill the screen with norks!
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