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Double The Wheels

Last night I did something I've never done before.

I drove a car.

Learning to drive has never been a high priority for me. At 17 I was terrified by the whole idea; at 18 I couldn't afford it; at 19 I took my CBT and never looked back. But it's a skill I knew I ought to acquire at some point, for holidays and emergencies and so on - it was simply a case of waiting until I had the time and the money.

I went through the AA and I think I've struck lucky with my instructor: he recently taught another pupil who had held a bike licence for some years before starting to drive, so he has a good idea of what my particular problems and skills might be.

My findings so far:
  • Cars are big.
  • Steering-wheels are weird.
  • Clutch WTF?
By the end of the two-hour lesson I had learned where all the controls were; adjusted my seat and the mirrors; pulled out, driven up the road and pulled in; same again with a gear change; one more time with left turn. And I was a nervous wreck.

Still - according to the national average, only another 44 hours plus 22 of private practice to go...
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