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Fat Rats

Today I took Pin to the vet to have a scent gland tumour removed, for the third time. The vet rang at lunchtime to say that they'd finished and he was fine. I am astonished that such tiny critters can withstand all this chopping - Chip has also needed the operation, I think also three times - but I'm ever so grateful.

I don't know the gerbils' exact date of birth, but they were eight weeks old when I got them at the end of June 2005, so at some point recently they have had a third birthday.

I love to see their whiskery little muzzles poking through the bars for treats. I love talking to them and giving them cutesy nicknames like Chip-Ite and Pinniped and Fat Rat. I love the noise they make when they eat a tangerine segment. They're nice to come home to, nice to see in the morning, and nice to imagine going about their gerbilly business while I'm at work. Just knowing they're there in their corner of the living-room, these adorable pets who depend on me utterly, makes my life so much more pleasant.

Happy birthday, fatboys. You make a house a home.
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