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The Man With The Camels In His Mouth

I'm still not sure whether it was with relief or regret that I polished off Eagle Six last night.

There was more sex, though sadly none quite as entertaining as the glories of page 18, and many literary gems: the West Indian bouncer with 'fingers like black bananas', the smiling receptionist who 'parted her cushiony lips and showed me a treasure chest of ivory', and the hero's discovery on waking up hungover that 'camels had spent the night nestling round my tongue'.

I wasn't going to spoil the absurd denouement, but it was just so good I have to share.

Eagle Six turns out to be a top secret nuclear-powered spyplane. Our hero and various dignitaries are aboard for the maiden flight, but oh no! the PLO (who have not been mentioned at all up to this point) hijack the plane and in the ensuing kerfuffle the pilot and co-pilot are killed. Guess who's the only person with a pilot's licence?

And the treats aren't over, because nestling in the back pages like a camel around a tongue we find recommendations for 'More Everest good reading' - strictly segregated along gender lines:

The Big Black
Thrills, girls and relentless revenge with Apples Carstairs, the trend-setting hero who jet-sets into trouble and scorches his way out of it.

Woman At The Wheel
A refreshing woman's eye-view of how to cope with a car - starring TV's Wife of the Year Hannah Gordon.

dakegra? You want it? Yours.
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