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Call that job satisfaction? cause I do

Now this is what Tiggers like: going through a website making minute corrections to things that only I would ever spot, eradicating unwanted lines of white space, making semi-colons bold and returning stray apostrophes to the fold. And removing all the extra font tags that smegging Dreamweaver likes to barf into the middle of a word - yea, even unto MX.

Before getting down to brass tacks, however, I had the inevitable Health & Safety briefing. I knew I was in for a rough hour when I heard "First I have to show you how to hold the mouse properly." Still, at least I know the location of every fire extinguisher in the building - which should be useful at parties.

It transpires, though, that I had broken the website Terms and Conditions before I even started:
You are not to link to this website or frame it without our express prior permission.

which of course I did in this very journal last week. Don't tell, will you?

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