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The Poisonous Snake Could Have Escaped By Accident

If I spent less time and money on terrible books, I could read more good books. But when the cover blurb makes you laugh out loud, the book has to be worth a quid, right?

The job looked like a rest cure.
For DI6 agent Martyn Cale, taking charge of security at an aircraft manufacturers' was child's play.

The poisonous snake could have escaped by accident.

Maybe it was a coincidence that Cale's Jensen was in the way when the German juggernaut went out of control.*

But Cale did not believe in coincidences. Or half-measures.**

When he arrived at the deserted house there was a dead man in the parlour.

When he left there were two.
And one of the corpses carried a diplomatic pass.

Not even British Intelligence knew about the monster that Eagle Aviation were creating in Hangar Number 2.

But someone's Intelligence did.

Cale had to find out whose. Fast.

He was not quite fast enough...

EAGLE SIX is Patrick Long's brilliant sequel to HEIL BRITANNIA - the book the Evening News called "A novel to blitz London."
* Sounds painful
** Or complete sentences
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