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Long Road Out Of Eden

I like small, intimate gigs.

But there's also something special about seven thousand people singing "YOU CAN'T HIIIIIDE YOUR LYIN' EEEEYES".

Having arrived and parked at the Dome, it was a long walk round to Block H and a long climb up to my seat on Level 4. People were still filing in to the stalls below, looking tiny from my great height, when the stage lit up and the band tore straight into How Long and Busy Being Fabulous from last year's Long Road Out Of Eden album.

We were asked to indulge them for a couple more new songs, and did so with pleasure. Then palm trees flashed up on the screen and the first notes of the intro to Hotel California made me so excited I started hyperventilating. This was followed by Peaceful Easy Feeling, Witchy Woman ('from our satanic country rock period') and Lyin' Eyes ('dedicated to my first wife, Plaintiff').

After more than an hour of solid rock the band took a breather, returning with a slower second half during which they got round to introducing themselves. We had Waiting in the Weeds, probably my favourite track from the new album, and some songs that to my shame I didn't know - time to pick up a copy of Hell Freezes Over, then.

I don't get people who wander off to buy drinks in the middle of a song, let alone leave before the end (even before the lights go off and they pretend there's not going to be an encore despite not having done Take It Easy yet). You've paid for the tickets, you or your companion must be slightly fond of the performers, plus it's rude! It can't have been without a sense of irony that the band launched into Heartache Tonight at this point: 'Nobody wants to go home now, there's too much going on'.

The finale was, of course, Take It Easy, followed by another great favourite of mine, Desperado. One by one the lights went out and the musicians left until all that remained of the Eagles' 2008 European Tour was Glenn Frey under a single spotlight.

"You better let somebody love you," he sang, throwing his arms out to the audience.


(Before it's too late...)
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