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About bloody time

Exhibiting a fairly liberal interpretation of the phrase 'early next week', Kate-at-the-agency rang this morning to say the College of Occupational Therapists would after all be requiring my services as temporary Web Assistant from Monday.

Rough luck on the Met, but I gave them as much notice as I could and they've had more than their money's worth out of me, frankly. I cannot wait to shake the dust of Barking off me DMs tomorrow afternoon.

The pay is a step up, the location on Borough High Street a mere hop and skip from home, and there's a chance the post will become permanent. What's important, though, is that I will actually be interested in what I'm doing, it will be CV-worthy and it will use a reasonable percentage of my brain.

Of course in a matter of days I'll be whinging about having to work hard or an overly strict Internet Use Policy. And when that happens, do me a favour: boot me in the botty and remind me how sodding miserable I've been for the past year, 'kay?
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