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The Vortex

On Friday night I met slemslempike, who as well as being awesome company has excellent taste in plays, and we went to see Noel Coward's The Vortex.

This was a rather delicious Vile Bodies-esque commentary on the social ills of the 1920s, in which a bunch of rich people sit around the drawing-room being wittily cruel to one another. Though it started off frothy, I was surprised by how moved I was when things inevitably started to go wrong. Best line:
"It's a pity we were too modern to have an engagement ring - you would have handed it back to me so well."
Felicity Kendal has aged very well; she didn't do much for me in The Good Life, but after Friday's performance I may have to add her to my list of Women For Whom I Would Go Gay (along with Honor Blackman and Dame Judi Dench).

I couldn't think why I recognised one of the supporting actresses and it drove me nuts until the interval when slemslempike identified her as one of the Slitheen.

We parted in haste, Slem to miss a train and I to go home and greet my weekend guest, kindly let in by calgor. More theatre soon please!
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