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Here Comes The Sun

Richie Havens is yet another artist I hadn't heard of until I saw the Woodstock film, but I was sufficiently impressed by that to go and see him at the Jazz Café in Camden on Friday night. (He's also the bloke with the amazing beard who sings 'Tombstone Blues' in I'm Not There.)

What a lovely man. He came on in his silk robe like everyone's wise, kindly, funny and slightly naughty grandfather, apparently delighted to see us all, and launched into 'All Along The Watchtower'. He's big on Dylan covers and it was mostly these I recognised, but there was nothing I couldn't nod my head and chill out to.

Although the sound he produces is laid-back and mellow, he works hard at it, breaking strings and picks (he had six spares lined up on his mike stand). He performed from 9:30 till gone 11, ended by leaping into the air and twirling his guitar, then came back out in a clean suit to sign autographs. Not bad for someone who's nearly 70.

I am somewhat consoled about missing R.E.M. next month, since although I'm sure it will be a glittering occasion it's unlikely that I'd get a hug from Michael Stipe afterwards, or that he would sign one of his CDs 'To Alice, a friend forever'.

Particularly pleasing is that last year I saw Country Joe McDonald, which means that I've seen the first and second musicians to perform at Woodstock. I wonder who else I can collect - are Sha Na Na still together?
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