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Starship Titanic

The Doctor Who Christmas Special has fast become one of my favourite festive traditions, and I wasn't disappointed by last night's instalment. It was so exciting that callmemadam messed up several rows of her knitting and had to unpick them all.

Lots of spectacle - I loved all the external shots of the Starship Titanic (RIP DNA, you are so very missed), and there were plenty of corridors to run down, as well as a ballroom full of glittering aliens and scary automata. Lots of humour, with Mr Copper's inaccurate diatribes on Earthly festive traditions and a London emptied in anticipation of Yuletide alien activity. A great bunch of one-shot cast members; I'm always a sucker for comic-character-unexpectedly-makes-noble-self-sacrifice, stand up Bannakaffalata, oh, you're already standing up.

Bit heavy on the self-sacrifice, actually. The Doctor hardly managed to save anybody. Except the entire population of Earth, I suppose.

Forget any alleged sex appeal attached to David Tennant - my mum and I simultaneously Ooohed as Lovely Lovely Geoffrey Palmer appeared.

As a bonus, brave Midshipman Alonzo Frayn looked awfully like shep_shepherd.

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