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Identity Theft

Sainsbury's are doing a half-price offer on a half-decent chardonnay, so having tried one bottle and liked it I thought I'd buy a box of six. The perfect opportunity to redeem the 1000 points on my Nectar card and get another fiver off, I thought, but when I handed my card over for swiping the cashier informed me it was blocked.

I could think of no reason why this should be the case, so when I got home I rang the Nectar hotline to give them a piece of my mind.

It was only when I dug the card out to read off the account number that I noticed it wasn't actually my Nectar card but one belonging to a MR C MONTANO TOBAR.

Anyone familiar with my obsessive interest in Nectar points may pause here to enjoy a moment of schadenfreude.

God knows how long I've been going around racking up points on a complete stranger's reward card, or when and how the switch occurred. So much for my powers of observation. (I suspect it might have happened at the Downham BP station - I remember seeing a stray card lying on the desk there.)

Mr Tobar, if you're reading this, I have destroyed your card as per helpline instructions. Try to look after your new one a bit better, eh?

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