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So Long, And Thanks For All The Fists

The karate class I've been attending (almost) every week since January 2002 closed last night.

It's been in the wind for a while; attendance was dwindling, Sensei was getting more and more visibly and volubly pissed off with the Kenshukai system, and last week he quit for a rival school.

There's a Kenshukai class in Bromley on Thursdays, which will be far more convenient really as I can walk to it. The fact that I didn't switch classes when I moved speaks volumes about my instructor and classmates; I'll miss the old group and I'll miss Sensei, who is not only a great teacher but was kind to me when karate seemed to be the only area of my personal life I wasn't failing in.

I wish him well in his new dojo. As for me, onward to the next belt!
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