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Everything I Know About US Geography I Learned From Paul Simon

  1. The Mississippi Delta shines like a National guitar. (Graceland)
  2. It's a long way to Canaan from Bleecker Street. (Bleecker Street)
  3. You can legalise your lows, you can wear your summer clothes in New Orleans. (Take Me To The Mardi Gras)
  4. The 59th Street Bridge is a good place to feel groovy. (The 59th Street Bridge Song)
  5. Poor boys and pilgrims, with families, we're all going to Graceland. (Graceland)
  6. It takes four days to hitchhike from Saginaw to Pittsburgh. (America)
  7. Detroit, Detroit, got a hell of a hockey team. (Papa Hobo)
  8. New England is sweet. (Duncan)
  9. Westbound Trailways Buses stop at Washington DC, Dallas and Little Rock. (Trailways Bus
  10. I don't know nothing about, nothing about New Mexico. (Hearts & Bones)
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