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Hairpins & Hares

It was pouring with rain this morning, but I didn't care, because it stayed clear while I was in the Lake District with the X9 Club.

We stayed in the Youth Hostel at Ambleside, which was attractively situated right next to Lake Windermere but at times rather too full of Youths.

Saturday morning dawned foggy, but within ten minutes of our departure the sun had burned off the mist and dried up the wet roads, giving us not only wonderful views of the scenery but less chance of an accidental closer acquaintance with it.

I was scared witless by the downhill section of this one, a steep descent with tight hairpins. We had to stop and wait at the top for three cars to negotiate the descent, which gave me lots of time to get good and worried before making my own way down. It was so sheer I could feel myself slipping forward off the saddle, and I was genuinely convinced I was going to wreck myself and my bike with extreme messiness. It was brilliant.

loganberrybunny and whatho would have appreciated going from Cockermouth to Buttermere, even if it wasn't on the slow train.

After lunch we did the Honister pass, which was spectacular, but I remember thinking that I'd hate to ride it in the opposite direction. On our way back, we took a wrong turn and guess what we ended up doing? I suspect my rear brake pads will need replacing at the next service. Luckily my expensive new clutch held up.

Road signs seen: RED SQUIRRELS (with illustration); BADGERS NEXT ½ MILE (with exclamation mark). I saw neither of these critters, but there were some nice sheep and on the way home I saw a hare sitting beside the A5.

My total mileage for the three-day weekend was 779.5, including several extra ones when I was attempting to leave Bromley and a diversion around a burst water main sent me into the back of beyond and down a single-track road where I found another Diversion sign pointing back the way I'd come. But the weekend was worth every scrap of tread it took off my tyres.
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