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Why London Rocks

  • On Sunday I visited HMS Belfast, then strolled along the South Bank to the IMAX cinema to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Early in the film is a scene in which Harry and chums fly broomsticks...down the Thames, past HMS Belfast.
  • My companion for the above outing expressed disbelief that I go round Trafalgar Square on my way to work every morning: "Nobody drives round Trafalgar Square to get to work! Not since Austin Powers!"
  • Last night I went to a book reading and signing by William Gibson, five minutes from my office. Audience predominantly geeky/student types, one of whom put their hand up to ask "If you got in a fight with Neil Gaiman, who would win?"

(Why London sucks: taking 20 minutes to get up the Strand yesterday. You could walk it briskly in five.)
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