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Spitfire Summer

I have been to my first air show of the season and got thoroughly sunburned. It must be summer.

Biggin Hill, just twenty minutes from where I live, is perhaps the most famous Battle of Britain airfield, so aircraft of the Second World War will always be well represented. This year's show opened with a formation flypast by Spitfire and Eurofighter Typhoon - the past and future of European military aviation. Later the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight flew the three Spitfires which formed part of the original, Biggin-based RAF Historic Flight, the BBMF's precursor, in 1957.

But my big treat was the Great War Display Team. Nine aircraft performed a spectacular dogfight which looked just as chaotic as the real thing must have been, though I'm sure it was carefully choreographed. (You can see their Nieuport in Flyboys - I plan to.)

The reproduction planes look so small and frail and brightly-coloured that they won my heart very early in my air show career and have been my favourites ever since.

Back in the present, we witnessed a Scenario in which the RAF demonstrated how its aircraft would perform various roles in taking over an airfield. I couldn't hear the commentary so I wasn't really sure what was going on, but I enjoyed the flashes and bangs and it's always a treat to see the E3 Sentry.

Right at the end of the show a Messerschmitt 109 had the nerve to attack the airfield. Two Spitfires were scrambled and soon drove the aggressor off, and the crowd departed with peace restored to Biggin Hill once again.
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