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'bought for my woman but never worn'

The Women's Motorcycle Clothing section of eBay Motors provides pretty slim pickings, unfortunately, but makes fascinating reading.

Most women's motorcycle clothing is sold by men - who refuse to provide accurate measurements because their girlfriends would kill them.

Here are the top reasons men sell women's kit:
  1. Pregnancy
  2. Divorce
  3. Partner refuses to get on pillion ever again
  4. Partner refused to get on pillion in the first place
When women sell their own gear, it is almost always because they have 'put on a few pounds' and no longer fit in it. You don't see this in the men's clothing listings, which begs the question: do men not suffer from weight gain? Do they lie about their reasons for selling? Or do they simply suck their gut in and pretend nothing untoward is happeni- ah. Yes.

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