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"And we're going to finish with The Suicide Song!"

"Did you go to a gig last night?" asked a colleague, spotting the telltale stamp on the back of my right hand.

I did. I went to 93 Feet East with insofox.

There were six bands playing, of which three were in the acoustic/folk/rock category. Fortunately these three happened to be on first, so we were able to leave before the advertised electro/jungle/breakbeat combos.

First up were the band we had actually come to see, Plaistow. They turned out to be in the process of splitting up, missing one of their three members and performing their swansong, including a bitter little number about the ex-bandmate. Belly-up less than a week after I first hear about them - a new record.

We then had Asyet, a 'collective' who had sent along three of their twelve members (presumably so the others could play gigs elsewhere). They did a crowd-pleasing number which went like this:
Superman, Superman, he's so cool!
Flying high!
Flying low!
All the things
In his head
He must know!

Verse 2: repeat, with 'Spiderman' instead of 'Superman'
Verse 3: repeat, with 'Superman and Spiderman'
Verse 4: repeat, with 'Super Two'
insofox commented afterwards that it made him feel less self-conscious about his own lyrics. I thought it was a great song, except everyone knows that Spiderman doesn't fly.

The third group, Bilkis, advertised themselves as 'experimental acoustic'. Apparently what they were experimenting with was playing and singing entirely out of tune, and we crept away after three songs.

Then I introduced Inso to the 24-hour Brick Lane beigel bakery and there were three ridiculously overmodded motorbikes sitting outside. I love London.

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