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No more Life on Mars

I hated it.

It was a brilliant, scary, clever episode (Hyde Ward! Test Card Girl! Gene was a tumour all along!) which had me on the edge of the futon, but I utterly loathed the final resolution:

  • Throwing himself off a building was totally selfish and irresponsible behaviour, even if his mum did give him implicit permission to do it.
  • If he ignores attempts to revive him in the present, surely pretty soon he won't exist anywhere?
  • Personally, the wallpaper in Sam's flat alone would have been enough to ensure I wanted to escape 1973 forever.

Also, a Gene Hunt spinoff series? Have the BBC learned nothing from the mess that was Torchwood?

But the important thing, the thing I'm trying to remember, is that, whatever happens after the end credits...when we last saw Sam, he was happy. He deserves that.

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