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Alice Dryden

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All that was left of them, left of two hundred

200 applicants. 6 second-round interviews. A statistic to be proud of, as the company director told me today. I'm sure it's only in my imagination that he added 'and enjoy your moment of triumph, cos you sure ain't gonna be the one in two hundred who actually gets the job'.

I read an article in the Guardian's careers section recently which said you shouldn't wear an overcoat to your interview as it looks fussy and cluttered. I followed this advice on Tuesday and it was bloody freezing. As it was snowing quite heavily this afternoon (whee!) I decided I'd go for the fussy cluttered look rather than the Human Freeze-Pop look. At least I'll have something to blame if I don't get the job.

When I don't get the job.

If I don't get the job.

Must think about something else.
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