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From insofox To Me To You

Hit 'random' on whatever you keep all your music on, then answer questions on the first 10 that come up on the list. You are allowed to skip under certain circumstances:
  • If you land on something that isn't actually a proper song/piece (such as a bit of speech)
  • If you land on one of those brief 'filler' tracks that you get on some albums that aren't actually complete songs.
  • If you don't know what it's doing on your playlist and intend to remove it.
  • If you keep getting the same artist over and over and want to talk about a different one.
  • Finally, if you just really really don't want to talk about that song. But don't just use this rule to search for specific songs. That's cheaty.
Track 1: Don't Back Down (Alternate Take) - Beach Boys

a) Why is this on your playlist?

It's a bonus track on Little Deuce Coupe / All Summer Long, which I bought in the HMV sale a couple of years ago. The Beach Boys are a band I like but will only purchase if the price is right.

b) What is the opening lyric, or if instrumental, how does the start sound? Do you like this as a start?

"Don't ever say you're not afraid of any wave, boy"

It differs from the album cut, which starts 'The girls dig the way the guys get all wiped out', making this version less lighthearted. This is a song about surfing as a metaphor for Life, which is full of rough waves that the brave and determined either ride or get wiped out by and get right back up. Awesome, dude.


Track 2: Terry - Twinkle

a) In normal circumstances, how likely are you to skip this if your player is set to random? Why?

I might skip it if I was drunk and maudlin because it would probably make me cry.

b) Do you have a lot of this artist on your playlist? If so, why do you like this artist? If not, why do you like this song in particular?

Only this one, which is her most famous. I have it because it forms part of my extensive collection of death disks. It's incredibly kitschy and has a motorbike in, which is all I ask from a song.


Track 3: She's So - Royksopp

a) If you had to describe the mood of this song in three words, what would they be?

Nostalgic, thoughtful, mellow.

b) What's your favourite bit of this song?

It's an instrumental, and I'm a lyrics person - I guess the introduction, which is instantly recognisable.


Track 4: Slip Slidin' Away (Demo) - Paul Simon

a) Were you glad this song came up? Why/why not?

Very; it's a favourite. kowarth and I used to sing it as a duet when I had a guitar; I'd like to perform it with him at karaoke sometime. Also, it was released in the year of my birth.

Best line: 'She said a good day ain't got no rain / She said a bad day's when I lie in bed and think of things that might have been'.

b) Is this song fairly representative of your musical tastes in general, or does it occupy a smaller niche?

Ho ho! Paul Simon represents about a fifth of my music collection, and I own lots more stuff that I wouldn't have got into without Paul as a catalyst.


Track 5: Chow Down - The Lion King

a) If this is part of a larger album on your list, why do you like this album? If not, is this because you don't generally have whole albums on your playlist?

I own the album; I like it because it's the soundtrack to a musical I love.

b) Describe the chain of events leading up to this song being on your playlist. Go back as far as you like.

In 2001, my then boyfriend took me to see the Lion King musical. I loved it and later joined TLK-L, a Lion King mailing list. I got talking off-list to tktiger, who invited me to a furmeet. That was how I discovered the furry fandom, started going by 'Huskyteer' and made some very dear friends.


Track 6: We're Turning Again - Frank Zappa

a) Does this song fit well with your current mood? Elaborate!

Funnily enough I'd had a conversation about Donovan, who's explicitly referenced, shortly before listening to this. It's a song mocking hippies, and while generally I'd be on the hippies' side, Zappa does it so well.

b) Would your parents like this song? Why/Why not?

Ho ho! again! I only know anything about Frank Zappa because my father is such a fan. I think he likes this one; it was on a Zappa mix tape he compiled for me once, anyway. My mum, I suspect, approves of people taking the mickey out of Donovan.


Track 7: ('Til) I Kissed You - The Everly Brothers

a) Name a song by this artist that you like more than this song, and why.

There are lots of Everlies tracks I prefer; not that there's anything wrong with this one, just that it's not one of my favourites. '(All I Have To Do Is) Dream', 'Crying In The Rain' and 'Ebony Eyes', to name but three.

b) Name a song by this artist that you like less than this song, and why.

'On the Wings of a Nightingale'. 1980s comeback = bad idea. 'That Silver-Haired Daddy Of Mine' is fairly horrible too.


Track 8: Do You Ever Think of Me - Laura Cantrell

a) If this song has lyrics, what do you think of them? If not, do you own a lot of instrumental music or does this just happen to be one of the few instrumentals on your list?

Like most of La Cantrell's songs, I think, the lyrics can be terribly happy or terribly sad depending on how you interpret them. This song could be about the singer's lover or someone she fancies, but I've always thought it's actually about an ex.

b) How much do you know about the artist behind this track?

Er...she sings Country & Western songs. That's it.

Ooh, I have now looked her up on Wikipedia and she's mates with John Flansburgh out of They Might Be Giants!


Track 9: Cryin' Like A Baby - Jackson C. Frank

a) How recent is this addition to your playlist?

I think I bought the album, Blues Run the Game, late last year, as it seemd to be the only way I could get hold of the wonderful title track.

b) Do you usually get any images in your head when listening to this song? If so, describe them. If not, make some up now, then describe them!

Until listening properly just now, I'd always assumed this was a standard 'oh woe, my girlfriend has left me' song. Now I think it's about the death of a fellow-musician, but I can't work out who it might be and I'd really like to know. I picture Jackson and the mystery man performing in some seedy folk club, possibly in Greenwich Village.


For this last one, you have special permission to skip as many times as needed to find a suitable track to end things on, as long as you're not looking for any specific song.

[I may have indulged in a spot of skippage, yes.]

Track 10: How The Heart Approaches What It Yearns - Paul Simon

a) What is the perfect time and place for listening to this track?

As a passenger in a car on a rainy night on the motorway.

b) If you had to choose between sacrificing this track or sacrificing 3 of the other 9 on this list, what's it to be?

Oh, I wouldn't lose this one. Royksopp can go, as can the Jackson C. Frank and Everlies tracks.

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