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How Many Screws...

...does it take to change an instrument panel bulb on a Gilera Nexus?


Making it 22 if you need to get the panel off and find out what kind of bulb it takes, then put your bike back together in order to pop in to Halfords and then have a bit of a ride, then come home and change the bulb; or, in all, 44 instances of screwing or unscrewing.

What's more, the bulb that had blown was the one that tells me when the headlight is on. This is just about the most trivial thing that could go wrong with my bike, since there is no off switch for the headlight; it's on when the ignition is on. That's probably why the bulb blew, as it's lit all the time.

It's a good job I bought that excellent magnetic screwdriver from Lidl. I even used the integral telescopic rod to pick up a dropped screw without bending over.

While I was working, my elderly foreign neighbour came out to accuse me, wrongly, of putting a note through his door complaining about the volume of his radio. I pointed out swiftly that I lived at 54A not 52A, but this was not enough to prevent him telling me all about how his neighbour switched on his washing-machine at five in the morning.

Then he pointed at my other bike and asked "That is your husband's bike?"

I said very politely that they were BOTH MINE.

"Oh," he said, "you are lucky!"

With that, I couldn't argue.

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