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I have received a copy of How to cheat in Photoshop: the art of creating photorealistic montages from a company in Bristol. I didn't order it and it seems a strange choice for a mystery present - though, of course, if it was one, I'm very grateful.

My best guess is that it's an elaborate internet scam to get hold of my personal details and use them to, er, send merchandise to my home.

I was recently offered three issues of Mac User and a free gift for £1 (right after my three issues of RiDE for a pound ran out), so it's also possible that this is my freebie, replacing the advertised in-car iPod kit.

The third possibility is that it was a dastardly plot to get the 'Montage' song from Team America stuck in my head. An expensive way to do it - but it worked, damn you.

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