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Brought To You By The Letter Q

I went to see Avenue Q last night.

I was in a party of nine, the best way to see a comedy musical, and furry monster thumbs up to eldabion for organising the expedition so flawlessly.

This is a show for the Sesame Street generation. We were taught to play, to be happy, to believe in our hopes and dreams, to embrace cultural diversity and to form adverbs by adding -LY to an adjective. Then we graduated and discovered that life is hard and 22 is old. We've lost our way, and we need the fuzzy puppets of our childhood to take us by the hand and teach us new lessons about sexuality and employment.

Luckily the denizens of Avenue Q (somewhere south-west of Brooklyn, according to the map on the safety curtain) are here to help, explaining such concepts as one-night stands and schadenfreude through animation, dance and song.

And what great songs. Full of joy and rhythm yet also full of hard-hitting home truths: The Internet Is For Porn. The More You Love Someone, The More You Want To Kill Them. Everyone's A Little Bit Racist. Not forgetting my personal favourite, What Do You Do with A BA In English?

I found the puppets' lack of legs a bit off-putting; they seemed more comfortable bursting Muppet-style from windows or lying in bed (with or without performing oral sex on each other) than they did cavorting around the stage, though their puppeteers did a sterling job.

Another gripe would be that there wasn't much of a plot; a five-year-old could have predicted most of it, if it hadn't been way past his bedtime. But this was, after all, a story of ordinary life (only with monsters).

Great evening out. Loved it. I would say that none of the puppet sex matched up to That Scene in Team America: World Police - but that would suggest that I was some kind of puppet sex connoisseuse, which isn't the impression I like to give.
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