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Garbage in, garbage out

I'd never audio-typed before this job, and I was nervous about my chances of success in the field because I've always had trouble hearing the recorded word; until I saw it written down I thought Jim Morrison was singing about 'cops in cars and tapas bars' in LA Woman (it's actually 'topless bars') and when I was little my very favourite song was Ra, Ra, Rescue Team.

But as it turns out, audio-typing is a blast. It's like writing a film script - you can decide how many of the speaker's ums and ers to include, and whether to reproduce dunno, gonna and doin' as spoken. In short, with a very little effort you can make someone sound like a complete idiot.

Then there are all the background noises, which you have to include in your transcript. Today I composed the following:
(Silence. Bell rings in background.)

(Sound of papers being shuffled.)


(Seagull heard.)
Positively Pinteresque.

Know what else is fun at work? Getting to proof-read the post-mortem report on a murder victim right before lunch. Yeah.
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