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I woke up to snow on my bedroom windows (which slant), promptly constructed a snowball and threw it into the road below. This is, of course, silly and dangerous.

Getting on the scooter was possibly also silly and dangerous, but apart from a near-slip (corrected by putting feet down) where other drivers had churned up the slush at the end of my road, things were pretty clear. By setting off 15 minutes early I arrived at work on time, unlike Terry Wogan. It's mostly wet and mucky in town, alas.

We're running at just over half strength in the office. I changed my personal message on Instant Messenger to 'Mush!', so my workmate changed his to 'Slush!'.

I may see if I can claim potential black ice and skive off early.

I saw a man walking a husky at Elephant and Castle. The dog didn't look as happy as might have been expected; maybe he was unimpressed by our inferior English snow, or perhaps he had the nagging feeling he ought to be pulling something.
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