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Once more unto the breach

Job interview here tomorrow. My first interview of the year - who knows, perhaps even my last, though my current ratio of interviews attended to jobs actually got is less than encouraging. Still, it proves companies are still recruiting for my kind of job after all and that I can hold my own (fnarr) against all the fresh young grads.

I have ironed my Interview Outfit (well, I have ironed the creases deeper in), polished my shoes, put out a bra that won't show through my white silk shirt and lucky Harry Potter socks (hey, they're no less likely to be lucky than any of my other socks), checked out the company's website, thought about questions I might be asked (Where do you see yourself in five years' time? Why were you unemployed for nine months of last year? What are your good points? Why should we employ you instead of one of our many other equally qualified, more attractive and frankly less weird candidates? Do you have any questions you'd like to ask us?) and realised I can't answer any of them.

Now I shall watch Frasier and go to bed in order to be fresh and non-bleary in the morning. I can do no more.

Wish me luck, gang.
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