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Bottoming Out

Tune of the day, thank you (search: artists who sound like Donovan): Bottoming Out by Lou Reed, a catchy little number about those moments when you simply have to go out for a ride on your motorbike or you might just thump the person you love really, really hard:

There's still some oil by the old elm tree
And a dead squirrel that I hit
But if I hadn't left, I would have struck you dead
So I took a ride instead

[Lyrics in full]

On that note, not that there was any thumping to be done, I went out for a spot of cornering and overtaking practice yesterday after all the Sunday kitchen-cleaning, bike-washing and laundry-putting-on was accomplished. It's grand to be alone on country roads in the golden late afternoon light (as long as you have decent breakdown cover), not really minding if you get slightly lost and serendipitously discovering great stretches of road as you do. I was out for two hours and can't have gone more than twenty miles from home. Bromley - Biggin Hill - Downe - Cudham - Sundridge - Ide Hill - Toys Hill - Four Elms - Westerham - Biggin Hill - Bromley, by way of, er, some other places. This, oh yes, is why I have a scooter.


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