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I turned on the TV at half past ten last night to see if there was anything on that might amuse me for half an hour before turning in. Lo and behold, BBC4 was just about to show an iconic movie set in the late 1960s which I had somehow never managed to watch. And so it was I stayed up till 0015 watching Shampoo.

I appreciated the fantastic soundtrack featuring the Beach Boys, Jefferson Airplane and the Monkees, but the most interesting bit for me was the mournful, understated little theme that recurs throughout the movie, which I recognised instantly as a lyricless version of 'Silent Eyes' from Paul Simon's 1975 album Still Crazy After All These Years.

Even more interestingly, one of the stars of the film is Carrie Fisher, to whom Paul was briefly married a few years down the line.

Oh, the film? I enjoyed the clothes, and the motorbike, and Warren Beatty's hair, but it was all a bit bleak for my liking, concluding that the Permissive Society actually made everyone thoroughly miserable.

A contemporary British film about a raunchy hairdresser would have been very different indeed, and probably starred Robin Askwith.
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