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At Last

Because everyone else at work is on it (I like it here), I have signed up to a year or so after the rest of civilisation.

I told it to find me artists like Paul Simon. Off it trotted and brought me the following right out of the box:

  1. Pink Floyd
  2. Nick Drake
  3. Bruce Springsteen
  4. Dire Straits
  5. Fleetwood Mac
  6. Ben Folds
  7. Iron & Wine (of whom I had never heard - further investigation required)
  8. REM
  9. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
  10. The Beatles (I imagine it would cough up a Beatles track sooner or later whatever the start point)

I'm still looking for the alleged similarities to Paul Simon in some of the above, but I can't fault it for finding stuff I'll like. (Still not keen on Bruce Springsteen, though, despite the best efforts of artificial intelligence.)

I think Pandora's interface and range of music are better. But we'll see.

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