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Bikers go for Little Chef while hot air balloonists prefer a transport caff

I commented on this exciting news story. Check out my quote inna box! [Edit: Only you can't any more, because the story has changed from 'Little Chef may go under' to 'Little Chef goes under' and the reader comments have gone.]

What I ought to be commenting on is the news that bikers might have to pay £1 to park in London. Well cry me a river, says everyone who drives or gets a train into town every day.

It's true that we desperately need more motorcycle bays, and that very few of the ones we have are secure. But taking a quid off every biker who parks in London every day will surely generate far more than what's required to create 500 more parking spaces (still not enough, incidentally). Where is the rest of it going?

Part of the reasoning behind the Congestion Charge was to get people out of cars and onto PTWs. Apparently this has been so successful that bikers will now have to be charged too...
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