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New Leafish

I had a nice Christmas and New Year. I hope everyone else did too; it certainly looks that way from the evidence of LiveJournal. I got and gave some excellent presents, ate some delicious food which I didn't have to cook myself, and watched Herbie Rides Again for approximately the 200th time. On the 30th I went on a ride to a mystery destination, and on New Year's Eve I went to Tintagel in Cornwall and back in the pouring rain with half a dozen bikers who were all much more skilled than me, a lunatic but enjoyable 274 miles.

Now it's 2007 and I'm installed at my new job - working hard, as you can tell. Other things to do this year include:
  • Go swimming regularly
  • Write children's book
  • Pass red belt, possibly brown too
  • Pass IAM test
  • Worry less
  • Get less angry
  • Regularly tell my friends how fond I am of them without getting all embarrassed and blokey about it
I guess I could start on that last one right away. Happy New Year, you lot - you deserve one.

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